Natural Remedy for Cold and Flu

During the festive period, with all the added demands on our time it’s important to look after ourselves by eating well and use nourishing ingredients. With germs flying about from kids and colleagues, even friends and family, and with exposure to the cold impacting our immune system, it’s easier than usual to come down with a cold or worse, the flu.

I have an amazing Indian remedy that has been passed down from my family for generations and still to this day I use it on myself and my child. It can be made easily with everyday ingredients and I also add a little twist for an adult option; a sneaky shot of brandy. This healing remedy will make you feel warm and fuzzy and acts like a boost to your system.

How it Works:

GINGER: Ginger root contains essential oils and oleoresin and contains compounds including a variety of hydrocarbons, aldehydes and alcohols. Ginger contains at least a dozen antioxidants, plus a protein-digesting enzyme called zingibain, which appears to relieve arthritis pain by reducing inflammation.

Ginger is rich in two groups of compounds known as the shaogals and gingerols. These compounds prevent cells from premature destruction due to exposure to environmental toxins and by-products of the metabolism. Furthermore, these compounds are potent anti-inflammatory agents, and are proven to relieve inflammation throughout the body. Given that oxidation and inflammation are part and parcel of all chronic degenerative diseases, ginger can play a key role in disease risk reduction.

HONEY: Known for its antioxidants, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that can help us fight the common cold and its symptoms, honey and cold symptoms have been long-associated because honey helps to soothe the sore or scratchy throat naturally. Honey boosts the immune system, which helps us recover faster and helps reduce the chances of cold in future.

BLACK PEPPER: Pepper is antibacterial in nature, and therefore helps to cure cold and cough and alleviate chest congestion, often caused by pollution, bacterial, or a viral infection. You can add it to hot water and eucalyptus oil and take steam. Given that black pepper is rich in Vitamin C, it also works as a good antibiotic.

TURMERIC: Containing curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, turmeric root possesses natural oils, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and phytochemicals that combine to provide healing properties for almost every area of the body. Phytochemicals are naturally occurring plant compounds that boost the healthy functioning of cells, tissues, organs, and systems. These compounds include antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, analgesics, and a wide variety of protective, preventative, and health-promoting derivatives that help support the natural functions of the body. The powerful phenols contained within the flesh of the turmeric root are varieties of curcuminoids: curcumin, desmethoxycurcumin, and bisdesmethoxycurcumin, which not only help combat germs, bacteria, and viruses but also help aid in digestive processes, support immunity, improve energy, maximize metabolic functioning, cleanse the blood, regulate blood sugar, and increase mental processes.

Cold and Flu Remedy Recipe

1 big clump of Ginger (5x5cm)
1 tablespoon Honey
½ tsp Turmeric
Pinch of Black pepper
Pinch of salt
OPTIONAL – 25ml of brandy


  • Add all the ingredients in a pan (except the optional brandy)
  • Add ½ cup of water
  • Simmer for 5 minutes
  • Let it cool down and strain all the juice into a cup to remove any ginger pulp
  • After it’s cooled, you can drink 3 times a day
  • If you add a shot of brandy stick to drinking this before bed only