The J Word on Food – Joseph Cogan

At the age of thirteen, I didn’t have the slightest clue on what to do as a profession. Well on Saturday 6th April, I had inspired a young thirteen-year-old boy ‘Joseph Cogan.’  He aspires to be a food critic and wanted to start a food blog.  Well, he had the perfect starting, as I was booked into teaching his father Will Cogan for an Indian cookery class on the Saturday at their beautiful home in Marlow. As he was dipping in and out of the kitchen, he was enjoying the aromas and couldn’t wait to dig in and taste the food. I was super impressed that a boy of thirteen has such ambition and he utterly loved the food, especially the Khachori (Green pea dumping’s) and the coriander chutney. You could tell he was a foodie as he appreciated all the flavours that went in.

I was then asked if I would feature in his blog, I was truly honoured that he wanted to write his first piece on me!!

So, without going into any more detail, I am going to leave it up Joseph to tell you about his food experience of the spread his father and I cooked!  

Please check out the link below!