Priya’s Masala Paste


This Masala Paste is one of my family’s recipes. It has been passed down from my grandmother which she inherited from her mother when she lived in Kenya.

While this recipe has been in the family for generations it’s also been adapted along the way. It’s a versatile paste that can be added to a variety of meat and vegetables dishes.

My masala paste is made from fresh tomatoes that have been stewing for seven hours
and combined with several other ingredients.

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It’s gluten free, vegan free, nut free and dairy free, a win-win for all dietary concerns!

INGREDIENTS: onions, tomatoes, Cassier bark, cloves, black pepper corns, cardamom, bay leaves,

turmeric, red chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, salt, lemon, coriander, olive oil.


  • Simply add the paste into the pan, no need to add oil.
  • Add your desired meat or vegetables and sear for ten minutes.
  • Add water to your desired level of consistency and let your meat and vegetables simmer away.


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