Gujarat Cuisine


The food I cook is largely taken from the Gujarati cuisine, which is where my family heritage comes from. Gujarat is on the western coastline state of India and is sometimes called the Jewel of Western India. While the generous coastline provides an abundance of seafood, the influence of Jain culture and philosophy means the region is actually a predominantly vegetarian with the exception of some communities who incorporate non-vegetarian items such as goat, chicken, eggs and seafood in their repertoire.

Gujarati cuisines are not only incredibly varied and delicious but also highly nutritional value. Many different cooking styles and combinations of spices make it an exotically variegated cuisine. A traditional Gujarati thali comprises rotli, kadhi or dal, rice, and shaak/sabzi, and some of the dishes are stir fred, while others are boiled.  Gujarati dishes are known for subtletly of flavour that making it distinct from other Indian cuisines.