About Me

My name is Priya Tailor and I’m the founder of Priya’s Kitchen. After dabbling in dining room supper clubs in Maidenhead and London, and quietly selling take-away from my Facebook group page twice a week, I launched my first pop-up restaurant in July 2018 and since then my business has gone from strength to strength.

I get genuine pleasure from hosting and cooking for my friends and family and really, that’s where my journey with Priya’s Kitchen began. You might not know, but alongside my food business, I am also a qualified graphic designer. When I was studying for my degree, my sister would often ask if there was anything I’d like her to bring from home down to my lodgings at university. And of course, I would jump at the chance, but instead of wanting things from my bedroom or home-made treats, I would ask for ingredients like curry leaves or certain spices that I couldn’t get where I lived at the time. My sister would think I was bananas, but what she didn’t know was that I was discovering a whole new world of cooking and entertaining during my university years. My friends and I would throw these amazing dinner parties and I would be the chef, making all my favourite dishes from my childhood but adding my own twist and trying things in different ways. Things haven’t change much since then when it comes to my passion for cooking and hosting.

While it might have taken me a while to there, launching Priya’s Kitchen in early 2018 was the moment I felt like I was finally on the right track. What started with home-made take-away through my Facebook page Priya’s Kitchen, grew with support from The Business Girls Network, and I found the confidence and encouragement to take my business a step further with a series of supper clubs and small pop-up events, the first of which was written up and highly praised by a local food blogger in the local newspaper The Maidenhead Advertiser.

I would call my food British-Indian, because while I draw mostly from Gujarat cuisine where my family is originally from, I infuse my food with my own personal twist that brings a fresh, modern, British relevance to each dish. And I must be doing something right because people keep coming back for more.